Readly is the new way of reading your favourite magazines on your tablet and smartphone. I’m the project leader and designer for the development of our new global website, coordinating efforts for four different regions and markets. In addition I’m in charge of creating marketing content for Readly, both locally and globally. This work consists of campaign pages, newsletters, ads in all forms and various content for our partners.

Project leader | New global site
Higher conversion rate
Improved SEO
Longer average duration time
Lower bounce rate
Brand building

In my point of view, too many designers are designing to impress their dribbbler followers rather than address real business problems. Our main goal for the redesign was to reach our objectives by answering these five questions:

1. What is Readly?
2. Which magazines are available?
3. What do I get out of Readly?
4. Is it worth signing up?
5. What’s the catch?

To do this I audited our main competitors’ websites to see how they had worked with similar challenges that we face. Most of them solved it technically but at the same time they lost the whole relaxing reading atmosphere. By combining stunning Readly-moments images together with bullet points and bright call to actions, our site will both fill the functional purpose of generating customers as well as creating a warm feeling.


After this research I headed over to my sketch book. By dividing our site into sections, we can more easily answer each of the main questions at a time. The section based layout provides a flexibility which is necessary for our different global sites, were the needs for each market vary a lot.


When a global agreement of the site structure was reached I started to bring the Swedish, American, British and German wireframes to life. The final result can be seen here.

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