Hi, my name is Petter Bäcklund.
I’m a senior digital designer with extensive experience in UX/UI, Graphic and Web design. Currently I’m based in Stockholm & Amsterdam. I have a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive, and highly crafted solutions combining a considered approach with emerging technologies.

I have wide ranging experience in design from web and mobile design through to prints and logos. My portfolio is currently a mix of work created independently and as part of a client.

My eagerness to learn and develop my skills in new fields have always been a huge part of my life, from starting my own businesses to engage in non-profit organisations. I’m an enthusiastic person who always strives to find new ways to improve how things are being done. My abilities to see events and challenges in a broader perspective and set them into a bigger picture is something that I feel very good at.


Freelance Digital Designer at Petterbacklund.se
Food photographer represented by Skarp.